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Perserving History

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:11 pm
by Bushman
I resently put up a new pole at the old farm,and sent some photo,s to a feller collector,and stated that the order of insulators on the crossarm are in the original state,which was suggested was a good idea, so here,s what was local to my area, always a hemingray pony on the side pin with a C.N.R and a G.N.R on the middle position , later there was placed a 145 B on outer limb and on the opposite side was a H.G .Co 133 or a variety of different c.d,s in most cases.These are finding from hard to find cross arms that are almost a thing of the past..some times if a feller gets lucky the pattern,s laid out on the ground, were the insulators are ,and are the only remaining evident ,account of crossarm has rotted away completely,, Most photo,s are in black and white and difficult to truly know what was up in the air....F.Y.I Andy