Chalk River Sub Demolition

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Chalk River Sub Demolition

Postby D Laframboise » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:22 pm

I recently heard that the Chalk River Sub is currently being pulled starting in the Cobden area. I found some videos on youtube showing CWS (continuously welded rail) trains heading south from there. Apparently 40km is being pulled this year with the remainder coming out next year.

Does anyone know what is happening in regards to the signal line? Are they demolishing out the poles, wire and insulators yet or will this be happening later. It would be nice to score some 143's off this line. It would be a tragedy to see them trashed!

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Re: Chalk River Sub Demolition

Postby cdnbeehive » Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:16 pm


I have been monitoring the situation very closely, and the way they are proceeding is as such: Rails come off and go into the train, train heads away. The tie plates then are being pulled and piled every so often along the right of way, say every 10-15 poles. Not sure where the spikes are going. Next a loader sorts the ties- bad ones are piled on the south/west side, good ones are piled neatly next to the poles on the north/east side. Before the ties are collected a grader comes along and spreads the ballast wide.

I have driven about 5 miles of the right of way between Cobden and Meath and all poles, signals and even sidings and some switches are in place. Only the mainline is coming out. CP told me there were no contracts out to pull the poles, but also ignored my request to take what I wanted. I have only managed to get really common 143's so far, mainly because I am still somewhat concerned about adjacent landowners calling the cops if I start fooling with the wires. I ran into one guy who was really pissed off that I drove close to his property. I'm not entirely sure how the folks along there would react if we started taking glass down, but there are occasional fallen poles and broken crossarms that are easy to get at.
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