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New option to link to ICON pictures

PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:18 pm
by Bill Meier
Here is a way to link to an ICON picture. This shows a picture of Bill Meier. Please use this rather than the long http: URL or the [URL] button to link to a picture.

Use the following to do this. When you are composing your message click on the Image button on the tool bar above this box (on the far right). Type in the text that will be hyperlinked to the picture. This is between the two [ID] [/ID] id tags. Then fill in the PictureID from the PicturePoster right after the [ID= sign. Keep it inside the right square bracket.

Here is an example:

Code: Select all
This shows a picture of [id=88595741]Bill Meier[/id].

The number after the id is the ID of the PicturePosture picture, and the text between the two is what is hyperlinked. In my example at the top of this post shows that "Bill Meier" is the text that is hyperlinked, i.e. you can click on, and when you do, it will go to picture 88595741 in the PicturePoster.

It will open this picture in a new window.

Please reply with any questions.