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Dominions from a phone line hunt...

PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:44 pm
by cdnbeehive
Hi All,

I recently found a whole pile of off-clear Dominion CD154's along an old toll line through the bush, and found them to be a little bit peculiar. I've been reading some of the archive posts on the other forum, so I suspect these may be of earlier vintage. I have determined that there are at least 5 similar moulds, all of which have slightly different embossing. All have the "flat" tops that allow them to sit upside down quite easily. The skirts are all flared and have a lip along them. The skirts also seem to be larger in diameter than a "typical" dominion. There are NO NUMBERS on any side of the <D> on any of the moulds. Finally, all seem to have drips that are close to being sharp, and all 5 moulds have 38 drips.

Have any of you come across any similar ones? I have reason to beleive the date of manufacture is around 1931- some poles have survived along roads further along and have BTC date nails "3" and "1" in them. Two of the insulators have carbon streaks in them, and several have small bubbles. Here is a pic of one...

misc_0053.JPG (94.92 KiB) Viewed 2500 times