Someone got lucky

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Someone got lucky

Postby novascotiaglass » Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:44 pm

On Sunday night I was checking out the local ads on Kijiji here in Nova Scotia.

As I browsed through the ads on the very first page a person had a very rare insulator posted. From what I could tell in the pics it was a CD736.7 and in mint condition. I emailed the guy instantly and said I would buy the piece. I am quite certain I was the first person to email the guy as it had just been listed.

Unfortunately the seller did not have their phone number listed so I could not call so I had to sit in agony and wait for the seller to get back to me. About 2 hours later he emailed me and let me know that the piece had been sold. All I can think is that the seller only wanted $30 for the insulator, so I am assuming another collector emailed him and said I will give you "x" amount of dollars for it. So I didnt end up with the piece but I am wondering if it was bought by another collector out of province or indeed some local antique dealer noticed what it was and bought it. There are a very very limited amount of collectors in NS so I am doubting it was another NS collector. The piece was the same colour and shape as the 2 pieces of threadless my father and I have found on the old telegraph line we have been hunting for the past few years so I know those pieces were used here.

Anyone know who got this piece? Just curious where it ended up.

Worst part on my end of things is this piece was in my actual small community of only a couple hundred people so I know the person was within a maximum 2 minute drive from my house......I officially have the insulator blues haha.
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