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OVIC's 16th Annual Insulator Show and Sale in Perth, ON

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:35 am
by D Laframboise
Hello All:
While the weather maybe a concern, things will be fine inside the hall. Some tables have been reserved already, and I appreciate the support.

OVIC 2014 will be held on Saturday the 19th of April in the Lions Hall on the Perth fair grounds. Perth is about 45 minutes from the US-Canadian border in Eastern Ontario. I expect things will be similar to last year's show, which saw a full house of sales tables with a few displays here and there.

We will be having the raffle again this year. We will be raffling off the 3rd and final of the three sets of CD 123 E.C.&MCo.SF CJOW 2011 commemorative insulators that Howard Banks of Crown Jewels Magazine so very generously donated to OVIC in 2012. They are just stunning in Electric Blue, Ruby Red and Orange! In addition to this, I will be donating to the raffle one from my personal collection with a book value of around $50. I invite any show attendees who wish to make a donation of an insulator toward the raffle to contact me with the details. I am aiming for around five of similar value but I will not refuse any offer if we go over that number.

More details on OVIC and the town of Perth are available on the OVIC web site at . A note of thanks to Bill Meier for hosting the site and working the content as needed and again to Howard Banks and Crown Jewels Magazine for so generously donating the beautiful sets of commemoratives.

If anyone has any questions or would like to reserve a table, please contact me at .......

Hope to see you there!
Thanks, Darcy Laframboise