WCIC' - 2012 report and Important Questions

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WCIC' - 2012 report and Important Questions

Postby Lena » Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:21 am

We had our WCIC’12 meet at Footloose Caboose, near Camrose, on July 21-22. This beautiful site was the same spot as last year’s successful meet. Eva provides a great location and good food! Many thanks to Eva Loranger for her hospitality and her efforts to publicize this event. Also many thanks to Reid Ryder who worked awfully hard, spent a lot of time and used up a lot of miles to set this up. Eva had encouraged a flea market as well, so we brought along other collectibles and books to sell.

Although Reid and I were the only collectors who showed up to set up display tables, we met a few folks who made the trek to Camrose specifically for this. A delightful collecting family came specifically for this event, having read about it on-line. The two youngsters were so doggone knowledgeable about styles, colours and nicknames, it was humbling. The adults have already succumbed to the ‘decorate with insulators’ phase. The two youngsters sent me thank-you notes with pictures.

A (re)new(ed) collector also made his way out from Calgary to start over again. Jim had an amazing collection some years ago, sold it, rested a few years and now is leaping back. He had enough to set up a sales table and we had great chats. Another newbie showed up from Edmonton, who had tracked Reid down via a circuitous route, only to find that they lived a few blocks from each other!

Eva and Reid went to a lot of effort to publicize in the local paper, on-line and put up signs. After all that, our turn-out of displayers was poor (2) although we sure enjoyed the weekend and the new folks we met. I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer and forums any more but I always find our meets to be fun and refreshing and always find something new. I thoroughly enjoy our visits and chats. Going back to the Reid’s invitation on the Canadian Forum on ICON, I saw I was the only respondent even though there were a good number of hits.

It is time to pose these questions and see if there is still interest to carry on. I realize that all are busy and there are other priorities, but the meets are a good time if people manage to get there. Remember this from way back? "What if you threw a party and nobody showed up?" Here are the options:

a. Is it time for WCIC to fade away? Our only function is to have a once a year meet, to get together to visit and chat, meet some new people, encourage new collectors and relax a bit. Is this enough? There are no other club responsibilities but there is a fair amount of work and expense for the hosts to try to set this up.
b. Should we move it back to Drumheller? Is this an easier site to access despite the beauty of Footloose Caboose?
c. Open our meets up a bit more and encourage other collectors? Have a collectibles meet along with insulators?
d. Is there a problem with getting in touch with people? On-line? Personal contact? Reid had a few responses from people who couldn't make it (thank you to them), I had no calls or queries of any kind even though I had hosted for several years.

What do you think, folks?
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Re: WCIC' - 2012 report and Important Questions

Postby gerrypocha » Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:06 am

I would like to see the the WCIC show return to the former site in Drumheller AB. I went to the footloose show last year and had a great time meeting Ray and his wife and other collectors.It was great and a super rustic and charming site but too far removed from other things of interest.
The previous year in Drumheller we got to visit the Tyrell Museum and visit other sites that were of interest. In my opinion returning to the earlier site might meet with more attendance from collectors and walk ins?
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Re: WCIC' - 2012 report and Important Questions

Postby daverosy » Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:42 pm

I agree with Gerry (by the way HELLO!),
I missed this year's Caboose gathering, but went last year. It was quite a trek up from Calgary, where I was visiting family that weekend.

Hey, is anybody out there going to Bob Scafe's this September?
I for one will be there as it's a fun time.
No doubt i'll see the regulars as well as numerous new faces.

Canadian glass is COOL!
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Re: WCIC' - 2012 report and Important Questions

Postby Lena » Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:34 am

WCIC - 2013?

Hello again, after a few months of idling and surviving the winter, all of a sudden I started to think 'Insulators' again. I'm going to throw this out and see what sort of interest there is for another Western Canadian Insulator Collectors meet. Hubby and I are willing to host one in Drumheller complete with bar-b-que if there is enough response and interest. I would go for the same place as in previous years, if I can manage it. I don't know if the indoor venue is still available but I will do some scouting around and see what I can come up with. Please respond to me at lbraman@telusplanet.net. My memory is good but awfully doggone short when I'm on the run here and there.

Let me know, folks, okay? If I get a half-dozen or more, I will go ahead with it. If not, we will have to let it lie for a bit. I have a lot of glass I am thinking of parting with to try and pare down my wall displays. If you are interested in having a look-see, get in touch with me at lbraman@telusplanet.net.


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