Got the car cleaned, then found an insulators.

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Got the car cleaned, then found an insulators.

Postby Bryan Lane » Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:32 am

Today i set out to get my car cleaned. After cleaning the car, i decided it would be nice to go for a drive to figure out where some road went. Turnes out, it dosn't go anywhere, so i went on a different road and managed to find an abandoned roadway bridge to go look at. (2nd picture) After that i kept going and came across an abandoned railway bridge. This is one of the few still standing bridges this size along the, now abandoned, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis railroad. I've never found any insulators on this railroad before, but i have found some stuff that would indicate that a large power line once ran along it. So i stopped in someones drive to get a few pictures when the guy whos property the bridge is on noticed i was interested in it. Normally we get some guy telling us to get of their property and that they own the railroad, but this time the guy actually let me get some nicer pictures of the bridge. So i went down to the bridge to take some pictures. Guy comes over and we talk about insulators and railroads for a while and he says i'm welcome to look around and see if i can find anything. I saw a pole stump and about 10 seconds into looking i see what i figure to be about 1/5 of a jeffery dewitt suspension disc sticking out of a puddle. I ask the guy if he ever noticed that, suprisingely no he says. I go over expecting to kift 1 JD suspension out of soem puddle, but the thing wouldnt budge. Not at all. After about 20 minues of attempting to use my hands in order to dig out this insulator, i could fell another one burried even deeper in the mud, and then another for 3 total, all hooked togeather and none of them would move. Not wanting to give up of course, i continued and the guy i was with managed to find asingle, although very busted, unit at a pole stump. Oddely enough, he seemed very interested in all of this. Then, after about 40 or 50 minutes of digging through all kinds of much, rocks, glass (lots of busted glass), and pieces of plates... the insulater started to wiggle around and i was able to get it out. The guy who owned the place seemed pretty interested in all of this, and more so once i got the big rusted hulk of an insulator out of the puddle where it had probably been burried for around 50 years. Nice that other people can appreciate old unk, he's kids came over to see what was up and we attempted to convince them the insulator, being from the 20's, was worth well around $1000. While i was digging it up i told him what it was really worth, which should be around 1 or 2 dollars, maybe 3 on a good day but it's not what it's worth, it's finding it. Thats probably why i spent near an hour digging up an otherwise lame insulator...
So on my way out i found a small multi. It was all bustd up and stuff, s i went and slapped it down on a log at the end of the guys lot. Figured he'd know what a multipart looked like now.
Heres some nice pictures to look at, i'll post one whn i clen it up.
1: road bridge
2: rail bridge
3 JD's in a puddle
Mud in some different mud, which happened to be very cold
JD's.jpg (85.96 KiB) Viewed 2863 times
other bridge
outBridgeA.jpg (69.86 KiB) Viewed 2863 times
railBridge.jpg (139.66 KiB) Viewed 2863 times
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