And another one...

Here you can discuss any hunts or finds you may have made from the wild, auctions, shows, etc.

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Re: And another one...

Postby CliMac » Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:33 am

I took the liberty of reproducing your photos and descriptions here so they are all in one place. If they're in the picture poster you can past the image url into an IMG tag like so...

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...and no scroll bars! I hope you don't mind.

cdnbeehive wrote:Went out of my home territory for this hunt. Within 10 minutes I see this near a tree...


I could hardly beleive what I found! A green E. Dupont St. Jean 740! A bit of the embossing is missing, but man, what a find!


I was pretty happy as you can imagine. I made sure to guard this sucker with my life on the long drive home.

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Re: And another one...

Postby cdnbeehive » Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:02 pm

Thanks Cliff!
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